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وقت همگی بخیر

داشتم گشت و گذار میکردم که به سایت یک غیر ایرانی بر خوردم که خاطرات سفرش در ایران رو موبه مو وهرروز نوشته بود وحتی عکس هایی که گرفته بود رو آپ کرده بود!

جالبه چیزایی که از ایران یاد گرفته رو هم نوشته که بنظرم خیلی جالب اومد

گفتم براتون بزارم

البته شرمنده حوصله translate ش  نبود!متنش ساده ست!

یکم سعی کنید می فهمیدیا هم که از گوگل کمک بگیرید.

Let me tell you what I have learnt of Iran so far peeps....

* 90% of Independent Travellers are refused a Tourist Visa to Iran.

* Iranian peple are incredibly friendly and hospidable folk.

* They are cut off from the rest of the world.

* The women are stunning.....like gorgeous! Their make up is pure art.

* The men smell.........like stink bro!

* I reckon all Iranian men over 35 have a moustache.

* Women get married young (like average age 19)

* They have carrot jam for breakfast???!

* For women the headscarf is obligatory. It comes off the second you are inside your own house though!  Arms must be covered. As must legs. Jandals are okay though!

* No outside phone network works. My mobile is useless.

* No Visa. No Mastercard. No Switch card. Not to mention no   facebook and no Yahoo. BBC and CNN also blocked by the Iranian government.

* They still use carbon paper!

* My iPod is star attraction (nearly as much as me that is).

* Contrary to belief, alcohol is available.

* Farsi is the official language. It is a beautiful written language ....Persian.

* Tehran is home to 14 million people (that's even more than Greater London). It is the most polluted city in the world. Gross.

* They are scared of British and Americans.

* They LOVE New Zealanders. They even know where it is on a map (unlike most people in Turkey)!

* Their English is pretty darn good (well, again, better than Turkey).

* The landscape is barren. Brown lifeless mountain ranges. Lunar like. Second thoughts maybe Mars like as very dusty too...

* Fields of sunflowers, masses of them, nod their smiley happy heads as me as I bike past - seems sunflowers are their main crop. After petrol that is!

* Iranians drive very aggressively. Cars are old. Fatality rate is high. Exhaust pollution is an issue for me. And my sole one white shirt (that was)!

* The black cloaks the Islamic ladies wear is called the  'Manteau'. They can be (surprisingly) fashionable.

* Overall feeling from people is they love their country - but don't like what the government has done or is doing to their country.

* Unemployment is high. Job prospects grim. Even with an education.

* Family values are strong. Extremely strong.

* Tourists are few and far between (I seriously hand on heart believe I am the only tourist in all of Iran at the moment).

* The whole country seems to have a plastic covering fettish. On chairs, on keyboards, on calculators....on mobile phones even!  

*  "Threatening national security", carries the death sentence....hence I am VERY careful as to what direction my camera is pointing

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